Safe Girls For Change
Safe Girls For Change - Oyugis Kenya
Safe Girls For Change - Empowering Young Girls
Safe Girls For Change

To promote and enhance a self-respecting and success oriented mind through tapping of full potential in the girl child.

To be a leading Community Based Organization in championing for self dependence amongst the girl child by enhancing and promoting entrepreneurship virtues.

Safe Girls for Change is a self motivated girls group whose aim and goal is to reach to teenage girls in the society with educative, informative and communicative series of positive activities to enhance their bargaining power for Self Reliance, awareness and protection through proper quality time management and proper utilization of available resources.

To encourage girls to articulate and communicate their messages to a wider audience with a view to influence positive social-cultural practices.

To equip girls with appropriate life skills that will help them manage health related challenges and other emerging issues.

To work consciously and directly at empowering girls to be responsible, respectful and resourceful and to act as role models for more united, healthy and awakened adults.

Safe Girls for Change welcomes ideas and support from friends, well-wishers who wish to contribute or volunteer to our programs.